Nuevas páginas del MAN

octubre 2, 2007

Desde luego que Linux incorpora cada vez más funciones y aplicaciones tanto para los entornos gráficos como para la consola… además de la respectiva documentación… 😉 Si no lo crees, sigue leyendo…

For those of you who read this group and happen to be computer

geeks like me :), here's something I found some time ago in

/usr/local/emacs/etc/sex.6 (In with the emacs source.) on our

server...thought you might like it.SEX(6)              EUNUCH Programmer's Manual               SEX(6)


     sex - have sex


     sex [ options ] ...  [ username ] ...


     sex allows the invoker to have sex with the user(s) speci-

     fied in the command line.  If no users are specified, they

     are taken from the LOVERS environment variable.  Options to

     make things more interesting are as follows:

-1   masturbate

-a   external stimulus (aphrodisiac) option

-b   buggery


          bestiality with <animal>

-c   chocolate sauce option

-C   chaining option (cuffs included) (see also -m -s -W)


          get a date with the features described in <file>

-e   exhibitionism (image sent to all machines on the net)

-f   foreplay option

-F   nasal sex with plants

-i   coitus interruptus (messy!)

-j   jacuzzi option (California sites only)

-l   leather option

-m   masochism (see -s)

-M   triple parallel (Menage a Trois) option

-n   necrophilia (if target process is not dead, program

          kills it)

-o   oral option

-O   parallel access (orgy)

-p   debug option (proposition only)

-q   quickie (wham, bam, thank you, ma'am)

-s   sadism (target must set -m)

-S   sundae option

-v   voyeurism (surveys the entire net)

-w   whipped cream option

-W   whips (see also -s, -C, and -m)



          is a list of default partners which will be used if

          none are specified in the command line.  If any are

          specified, the values in LOVERS is ignored.


     /usr/lib/sex/animals          animals for bestiality

/usr/lib/sex/blackbook        possible dates

/usr/lib/sex/sundaes          sundae recipes

/usr/lib/sex/s&m              sado-masochistic equipment


     ^C (quit process) may leave the user very unsatisfied.

^Z (stop process) is usually quite messy.


     Author prefers to be anonymous.


     Oldest program ever.




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